In the Beginning

The namesake of the company, Clifton Roland Watkins, is the Father of Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Damian Watkins. Mr. Watkins inspired Dr. Watkins to get his doctorate degree and to launch his own company to deliver the sort of cyber security solutions that were needed in the industry. As an expert in the dark web, Dr. Watkins applies his research and expertise to assist Government and commercial clients in protecting their electronic assets.

An Analytical Services and Product Company

CRWI offers industry leading cyber security, big data, and cloud solutions to Federal agencies and commercial clients alike. Clifton Labs is developing a cyber security prototype that just may change how the industry detects and reports network intrusions - stay tuned....

Executive Team

A team both experienced in Federal contracting and in care for all who join us.


14502 Greenview Drive

Suite 300A

Laurel, Maryland 20708